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When you meet Paolo Manca (Owner and the “P.M.” of P.M. Landscaping) in Monterey, California, you understand how someone who grew up on Sardinia, an island of beauty off the coast of Italy filled with palm trees, beaches adjacent to sparkling warm clear seas, and many gorgeous villas...can create that beauty right here on the Monterey Peninsula.


Influenced by the natural beauty and style that has developed over thousands of years in Italy, Paolo lends his sophisticated approach to landscaping while meeting the needs and desires of every client.  His experience as a youth with his family’s landscaping and contracting business in Italy has enabled him to jumpstart his success here on the Monterey Peninsula. Just as Michelangelo sculpted masterpieces from stone, Paolo skillfully shapes each project to be beautiful and appealing to all who see and use the space. His extensive knowledge and experience enables him to suggest many alternatives that save precious water while creating exquisite landscaping solutions.


Whether it is creating and maintaining a peaceful beautiful sanctuary at your home or an appealing and useful commercial public space for our community to enjoy, it is Paolo Manca’s Italian flair and sophistication that sets each project apart.

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“With the popularity of the beautiful Tuscan architecture and other European design elements, my background gives me a deep appreciation and ability to translate my client’s dreams into reality.”  Paolo Manca


Paolo Manca, Owner


In just five years after launching his firm, P.M. Landscaping on the Monterey Peninsula, Paolo has positively impacted the landscaping and lives of over 250 local home owners and businesses - from simple touches to major renovations - to maintaining and augmenting a commercial space or by providing a tranquil sanctuary at home. Simply put, Paolo Manca creates and maintains sustainable and beautiful landscapes that enhance our lives at any budget with an environmentally conscious approach. His professionally trained courteous staff ensures satisfied customers and a thriving beautiful business or home landscape.

Providing Landscaping Services... with an Italian Flair!

 Sardinia, Italy